Our Approach

We could also call this heading “Our philosophy” as it is how we run our club to achieve our desired outcome. This is where we talk to you about what drives us and our club and what’s unique about our vision. At Seafar Villa Cumbernauld F.C we are all about the continued progression of not only our Club & Coaches, but of every single player within our club who strive to make each individual team successful at their given age group.

Our Story

 Seafar Villa Cumbernauld F.C (formally known as Seafar Villa F.C) was founded in 1984 with just one team on its books at that time, but after some success in their very first year they knew this was just the beginning of something big in youth football. From then on the club has continued to grow year on year, with much success over the years including winning the Scottish Cup at youth level.

Meet the Committee

James Young

Club Chairman & PWO


   Caroline Young

Club Secretary & PWO


Andrew Donnelly 

Club Treasurer